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SUPERBAU is a universal Russian supplier of construction materials and services with a view to make a unique proposal for the domestic market in the form of ready-made solutions in construction materials supply and provision of the full range of related services from installation to architectural and design works, organization of utilities and road works.

SUPERBAU guarantees high quality of construction materials from leading industry manufacturers in the industry, and provides a unique opportunity to order absolutely all materials and services related to your construction and renovation projects at a one-stop portal, and get free professional advice.

Extended delivery capacities allow SUPERBAU to cover the entire territory of the Russian Federation.


  • Rolled steel. SUPERBAU offers a complete range of high-quality ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless rolled steel. On SUPERBAU website you can always order sheet (sheet, cold-rolled coil, strips, and profiled sheeting), pipe (all kinds of metal pipes of various diameters, thickness and functionality) or profiled metal (rebar, beams, channels, angles, etc.). SUPERBAU’s rolled steel is a reliable frame for your project.
  • Pipes. SUPERBAU offers a unique range of wide-purpose tubular products made of different materials: ferrous, stainless steel, non-ferrous, plastic, metal and plastic, cast iron, etc.
  • Grillage and metalware. Regardless of complexity and type of your tasks, on SUPERBAU website you can always order any required galvanized and stainless steel hardware (bolts, screws, nuts, washers, self-tapping screws, etc.), and steel or plastic grillage with wide range of applications – from protection and fastening to gardening.
  • Facades and roofing. SUPERBAU offers the widest selection of modern and ergonomic materials for roofing and facade: corrugated sandwich panels, shingles, Onduline, siding, ventilated facades and facing brick.
  • Reinforced concrete structures. SUPERBAU website offers a full selection of reinforced concrete slabs, plates and other products widely used as utilities elements, bearing and protecting floors of buildings.
  • Aggregates. On SUPERBAU website you can order and arrange delivery of any amount of aggregates: sand, gravel, peat, ground mixes, glue, cement and mixes based on it.
  • Timber. You can always order on our website logs, timber, cut lumber, trim, glued and planed products - these and other timber.
  • Finishing materials. SUPERBAU offers the widest choice of finishing materials for all tastes depending on the current functional tasks and budget: ceilings, flooring, insulation, etc.
  • Plumbing. A wide selection of plumbing: radiators, bathtubs, sinks, towel dryers, valves, fittings and many more.
  • Electrics. SUPERBAU portal offers a unique range of cables, boxes, cabinets, metering devices, switching products, automation means, grounding products, etc.

Our specialists will always give you competent advice regarding the choice of relevant materials.


SUPERBAU offers a wide range of additional services for construction and finishing works.

  • Architectural Bureau
  • Design Bureau
  • Construction materials manufacture
  • Additional processing
  • Delivery to facilities
  • Installation works
  • Civil engineering works
  • Utilities construction
  • Road works
  • Territory refinement


SUPERBAU is a diversified, fast-growing, and dynamic holding always open to new contacts, new proposals for development, new cooperation perspectives and mutually beneficial partnership.

At SUPERBAU, we always carefully follow all consumer needs and market trends, we are continuously evolving, expanding our range of products and services, and, thus, we are always happy to consider new opportunities for cooperation with construction materials manufacturers, find common points of contact and, of course, offer something new to the modern Russian market of construction materials.

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